Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Terry Collins Lecture

Each year Gordon College brings in a lecturer to talk about Green Chemistry, as it is a favorite topic of the Chemistry Department.
This years speaker was Dr. Terry Collins of Carnegie Mellon University to talk about his most notable discovery for which he won the Environmental Protection Agency's Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 1999.
Some of Gordon College's own students, under Professor Dwight Tshudy's direction, work on Dr. Collins' TAML (Tetra-Amido Macrocyclic Ligand) research. Which as he explained in his lecture, is a catalyst that assists in removing harmful contaminants from the environment. With a particular emphasis currently on endocrine disrupting contaminants.

The lecture itself was popular, with an audience of about 100 people, Visitors attended other schools in the area, including Salem State, Endicott College, and Simmons College. The GCACS provided drinks before the lecture, and then attended a dinner with Dr. Collins after. Allowing time for students and faculty to enjoy company and conversation.