Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Gordon College Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society has been very active in it's first year revival after 11 long years. Throughout this year we have:

- Begun tutoring high school students in Lynn, Friday afternoons
- Headed into Boston to volunteer at the Boston Childrens Museum's Science day
- Hosted a lecture and dinner with Terry Collins
- Cleaned up trash on campus for Earth Day
- Ran a Successful fundraiser selling Cookie Jars
- A mingling outreach intended to merge the various departments in the Ken Olsen Science Center
- Sent students to the Esslen Harvard Lecture in Cambridge MA
- Running labs for home-schoolers, New Hope Labs
- Attended the Environmental Protection Agency Networking Forum
- Hosted a lecture by Dr. Van Kirk from Virtex
- Cleaned the Chemistry Labs

We have been very grateful for everything that has been accomplished by our chapter this year. Our hopes are to continuing many of these events in the next year and have high hopes for the future with more involvement with our own campus and collaboration with other ACS chapters in our area.