Saturday, December 1, 2012

Boston College Lecture Visit!

Every semester, the Gordon College Chapter takes advantage of its proximity to the great city of Boston and attends one of the many public lectures given at the famous schools we neighbor. On October 17, 2012, 14 members of the GCACS attended a talk given by Professor Robert Waymouth of Stanford University on “Catalysis: Enabling Science for a Sustainable Future” at Boston College. We carpooled to the college, and unfortunately encountered some difficulty finding it - GPS directions are much better than Google maps directions! Fortunately, the majority of attendees arrived on time. The lecture was interesting – Professor Waymouth is an organic chemist who’s work focuses on studying the effects of catalysts on different organic reactions, especially ones involved in green fuel production. The group left from Boston College to dine at Esperia Grill , a small, local Greek restaurant. We had a little trouble finding the restaurant, but everyone arrived in good spirits. We split off into two tables and shared a delicious meal together!  From there, we carpooled back to Gordon. It was a really fun experience, one I'm excited to have again next semester! Who knows where we'll go?

Look out! It's a hungry Texan!
American Chemists and Greek food!
Group shot!

Thank you, Esperia employees, for helping us take these pictures!