Saturday, March 17, 2012

Something a little different

Hey Ya'll.

So on Feb. 25, we went out on a limb and did something a little crazy.

Bet you can't guess....

  1. Nothing blew up. One or two things might have burnt though.
  2. There was a gathering of nerds with no academic goal. (pretty crazy, right?)
  3. We literally communicated with Physics.
Here are some pictures to help you out:

Exhibit 1: Not blowing up.

It's not your first guess.
Exhibit 2: Non-academic nerds. 

Yeah, Gordon has beautiful nerds, so what? Deal with it. #StepYaNerdsUp

Exhibit 3: Communicating with Physics.

Physics in it's living state. Don't make any sudden movements.

Alright! Time's up! What did you guess?

Well, if you said "Chemistry-Physics pancake party at VP Bria's house", you're right!

We all got there around 5, and played "telephone" while the pancakes were being cooked.

 At one point, there was a Baboon with a blue bottom. No joke.

Meanwhile, the amazing VP and Friends (we're trying to get them to form a band) performed something wonderful for us to the tune of about 200 pancakes, and other breakfast foods.

 Two of the "Friends" performing with gusto.

There was great turnout, with around 20 people from all classes and from both the ACS and physics club. The total cost was small, since everyone donated a little something to help out.

Chemistry's little helpers

After the meal was served, we just hung out for a while, till someone pulled a mountain of movies out of Bria's Family Movie Stash (C).

 Madam StashHunter

We watched Captain America (chosen by popular vote and a coin toss the break the tie!), which was a great and relaxing way to end the night.

 Relaxed Chemists in their natural environment. They're a very rare specimen.

By the time 9 rolled around, the movie had finished and the atmosphere consented to a collective movement in the direction of Gordon College.

 A tired Chemist. A much more common sub-species.

So, on behalf of the ACS, thank you to everyone who came, and thank you to everyone who donated to the party effort! And most of all:

Thank You Vice President and Family for Hosting the ACS/Physics Club Pancake Party!!!

Next Pancake Party coming soon to an ACS near you!